Frau Möller Cartoon Daydreams (A Quickie)


I’ve yet to finish my Travel Daydreams cartoon for Ernst Kaffeeröster featuring good pal, Sabrina, but I wanted to post one quick one out first here, one I quickly drew up in Hamburg for a couple of Couchsurfing friends. Carolin introduced me to the beautifully melancholic works of Dylan Thomas, in particular, “Under Milk Wood” after I told her about going to see “Welcome to Night Vale”. And I must say, I can see where the inspiration comes from.

Also, right after that, I went to see that almost amazing film Interstellar and to my surprise, a famous Dylan Thomas line was used as a mantra in the film. “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night”. To quote Siobhan Thomas from Anglophenia who is hilarious, (by the way, you should check out her videos, in particular, this one!)…

“I Love You Dylan Thomas!”


Pink Floyd & A Memorial to Cats


Here’s a piece I did a few weeks back after visiting Ksenia’s place in Zurich for a week. Spent a lot of time at home entertaining Tigra & Leo, her lovely Norwegian Forest Cats.

Okay, here’s something funny. Both Ksenia & I love, and I mean, luuurrrv Pink Floyd, (Shine On You Crazy Diamond our absolute faves!) and when their album cover of Endless Came out, I swear to you I didn’t see it before I did this piece, reminds me a whole lot of the colour scheme of this illustration.

Pink Floyd Endless River
Pink Floyd’s Endless River

What’s this sorcery? Or is it serendipity. Hmmm…

Perhaps it flows through the subconscious, the mindset that Pink Floyd bring to their followers  with their dreamy tunes & meandering rivulets of melodies brings to mind the gentle colour scheme of sky blue, cloud grey and sunset orange.

And with this, I just took a listen to Endless River and by jolly, how I enjoyed it! It feels more like an ambient album than the rock anthem style of days gone by but it still really works its way into my brain, typical Pink Floyd. How I’m going to miss them. But then again, they have spawned many other bands to come after them, and inspired by them. Speaking of which, I’ve just discovered Archive after seeing the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, with their song “Bullets” found in their album, Controlling Crowds. Bloody awesome! They remind me of a cross between Radiohead, Pink Floyd & Muse, and that can only mean great things. Go check them out! Also their song, “Chaos”, bloody great!

Anyway, that’s it for now. I think this blog may have an identity problem! I started out with an illustration and I end up talking about music. That’s how my mind goes, one place to another, blending elements, one starkly different to the other, kind of like a Pink Floyd record.


Doctor Who, Adventure Time & A.I.

Here’s a quick quiz. Choose 3 pop culture references that best reflect who you are as a person. Not your favourite, not the best, but your sentimental favourites. If we’re judging based on IMDB style ratings, Inception would be at the top of the list and for TV, Game of Thrones, of course!

But for this test, what I’m choosing are those which aren’t perfect but affects you in a more emotional and visceral sense that you keep going back to again and again. More likely, we’re talking about something that describes your deep dark soul and not how you want to project to other people, when you feel the most vulnerable, these 3 pop culture references could be that soft blanket that can keep you warm whenever things get cold… emotionally, mostly speaking. Perhaps, a psychiatrist could ask this question and in an instant understand much better the person than a whole long list of Q & A’s.


So what’s mine? Hands down, it’d be Steven Spielberg’s A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), Doctor Who, and Adventure Time… aaand a little bit of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind sprinkled in. I also feel compelled to combine Adventure Time & Doctor Who as they appear to overlap in terms of its whimsy & joy of curiosity and adventure.

Nevertheless, here’s a quick rundown why I chose these three. Why A.I.? Because of the sense of not belonging, but still yearning to be loved. Why Eternal Sunshine? Because of the strong sense of nostalgia and lost loves. And why Adventure Time/Doctor Who? Because behind all that, there’s a sense of pure unadulterated joy of discovery, randomness and love for the world.

Whenever I get really melancholic, the emotion that I seem to identify with the most is that of David in A.I. I mean, poor kid. Misguided and on a fool’s quest for the impossible. Like a young Don Quixote. Seeking love in the wrong place, or perhaps just trying too hard, all he needs is a little bit of that adventure. And I fantasise David & Teddy going on adventures with the Doctor, Jake and Finn, finding himself instead of finding love from others. That’s what he needs. That’s what we all need, even real people, right? To find our own adventures and along the way, discover new people who could perhaps you can grow to love.

And maybe, that’s one of the core meaning of love, to find someone with whom you could go on an adventure.


Art inspired by “Welcome to Night Vale”

So last week in Hamburg’s Mojo Club, I checked out Welcome to Night Vale‘s live show with a friend and I can barely keep my eyes open during the show. Becauuuuse…, hear me out…


… I’ve always been listening to the podcast before I sleep! I’m a big fan of the podcast, with their surreal Twin Peaks meets Gormenghast meets Cthulhu meets almost all of the stuff that happens in my dreams, and there where the conundrum lies, I always listen to the podcast just as I go to bed. It’s dreamy, surreal storyline is great replacement to Ambien, that pill to pop just before sleepy time! That background music which reminds me of twilight. The baritone silk brush of a voice by Cecil Baldwin, painting a story about a weird little town with Lovecraftian tendencies like how Edvard Munch paints the Scream. Of serpent-like librarians who whispers your name in the mist. Of dog parks where hooded figures linger and faceless old women live in your home in that dark corner just beyond the edge of your vision.


spacecadetbling-nightvale-liesel-and-the-librarian-800wAnd here’s the thing, I love it because it helps me fall asleep and I rarely ever finish an episode because it’s that good! The show does a great job at leaving me in that half-dreamy surreal state that it became almost a Pavlovian reaction that when I hear Cecil’s somnambulistic-inducing announcements, I always think of snuggling into my bedcovers and off I pop into dreamland.

The cast of Welcome to Night Vale at the Mojo Club, Hamburg.

So, it’s a little strange to actually see the voice actors in real life and feeling compelled to stay awake so as to be polite lest the imaginary lurking librarian in the theatre who could steal your soul at a moment’s notice! In short, I loved it! I especially enjoyed the hypnotic moment when former mayor Pamela Winchell relates the story about the 3 huddled figures, previous incarnates of former eons, lingering at the edge of the known universe. It’s deeply philosophical and nonsensical at the same time.

With that, here’s a couple of Welcome to Night Vale inspired drawings. The first, a summary of the show, and the other, a scene of Liesel being terrorised by one of the “librarians” during that night’s show.

Till my next update and quoting Cecil as he signs off… as always… goodnight, Night Vale… good night.


Café Feynsinn Cartoon Daydreams


spacecadetbling-traveldaydreams-feynsinnAnd off we go! Here’s the first official post for Space Cadet Bling since my world trip and updates should be more frequent since I’d started getting all the rust and kinks out from the inner workings of this website. After a few days stint in Amsterdam & Frankfurt, I’d stayed in Cologne for a month in my travel/work/adventure trip.

What can I say about Köln? (or Cologne as the Anglophiles would call it) I love this place, and it does feel a bit like home away from home especially after a month here, knowing the soul of the city, where to get good deals in the Rewe supermarket, hanging out with friends new and old (Hi, Sabrina, Alex & Inka!) who made me feel at home and welcome as a part-time Kölner, going for park runs at least once a week. Even mundane stuff like getting a haircut & watching football at local Irish pubs and chilling for hours and hours in cafés with wifi which is how this project came about.

Pretty meta eh? Taking a photo of me drawing a scene of me drawing a scene
Pretty meta, eh? Taking a photo of me drawing a scene of me drawing a scene

So, this cartoon drawing started about a month ago as a random doodle sketch while trying to figure out what to do with my life as a nomadic digital artist. I found a nearby place called Café Feynsinn through Google search and since it was the closest well-reviewed coffee place I just went there without any plan and this idea, out of boredom just came out of nowhere. It started with the flowers and the little “easter eggish” stories and gags and the idea of the meta drawing myself drawing within a drawing expanded from that. Cappuccino was decent, waitresses were nice and ambience was charming and rustic. Sadly I didn’t stay long enough for the evening meals or return to feel a closer attachment to this place but for the next one, at Ernst KaffeeRöster which will be my next Café Daydreams update, I did just that!


Space Cadet Bling Site Announcement

Hi visitors of Space Cadet Bling. Just a quick announcement that there’ll be interesting changes coming to the site as I make my way around the world. The site will blend some travel notes along with random comic stories. So, this post is a mission statement of sorts, a way for me to keep my discipline in check.

Firstly, I’ll post a series called “The Week that Was” with highlights of what I’ve done in the past few days. Photos, interesting observations of people, events and places. Even some sketches of random ideas that I’ll do from time to time.


And secondly, there will be a series of short stories of a bizarre nature but ultimately poignant.  These are the reasons why I’d to leave the comforts of my country in the first place, to find stories, to be inspired, to challenge myself, to find the best in people and to understand the worst, to revel in culture and different societies, and also my first love that is nature.

So let’s see in the coming days how this works out.

Space Cadet, out!



Cartoon Tropes & Pee-Ception


Folks my age will remember the Road Runner, Bugs Bunny & Wile-E. Coyote chase cartoons, but I wonder if kids these days have the concept of falling safes, running across canyons, floating, then falling only after looking down. To be honest, kids these days have it great with quality shows. Seriously, can you compare the mind-numbingly simplistic storylines of Tom & Jerry to the meta-emotional awesomeness of Adventure Time? Kids these days are lucky! If only they can tear away from mobile devices & go play outside.

Speaking of meta, just had a weird dream (don’t you hate it when people bring out their dream stories, but hear me out!) Okay, so I was in this futuristic bathroom when I had to pee, and I did my job in this weird urinal where I had to aim my pee into this credit card sized slit and tried my best not to hit my keys and wallet which was strangely placed near to the slot, dreams are weird this way. Anyway, so I felt the pee flow through me and it felt good, then I realized it was a dream and I was in my bed again checking to see if I’d peed in bed. I checked and felt that I was dry and gave a sigh of relief, then as I got up, I felt it. The wetness… Ooooh, sheeeeyit! I was cursing myself and feeling shamed for peeing in bed for the first time since I was in single-digit age. How could I do this? I was so disciplined!

Then I woke up.

And I was dry, thank god! So no joke, this really happened. Quite a mind-bender, eh? Chris Nolan? You hearing this? I think  my body somehow is really good at protecting itself from peeing while sleeping to the point that I feel confident enough of drinking water before I go to bed as a form of alarm clock.

So that’s it for now. For the next post, I should try to see if I can think of a Game of Thronesish cartoon since it’s a hot topic right now.


Don’t Do Drugs Mmmkay…


So, I’m sitting in the 24 hour wifi restaurant. Procrastinating. I’ve some jobs to do, and in a way, I’m somewhat paralyzing myself with my big plan on September to leave for the world and pursue my comic travel journalism ambitions. That means, quit and sell everything I have here, and travel. And along my journey, I’ll stop, draw some comics, and post them, compiling a story. Perhaps publish a book in the end about the places I’ve visited.

Will this work? Can I sustain this pursuit monetarily? I’ve always had a thing with being in the spotlight, I don’t have that natural tendency to promote myself. Strut my stuff like a male bird of paradise, flaunting its feathers. There’s a survey where you choose your superhero powers: invisibility or flight. I chose invisibility, and in that sense it sums up myself, that I prefer to live the simple life outside of the limelight, away from eyes, because then there’s that pressure to perform.

Ah, I should stop this moment of being personal and talk about other stuff. Game of Thrones!!! Well, whaddya know? I should start thinking of GoT gags, dontcha think? I could, but then again, everyone’s doing GoT cartoons, that there’s a chance a joke I’m thinking of right now has already been done! I must surely try to be original. Okay, there’s that, and have a great midweek folks! Enjoy the cartoon!



spacecadetbling-dinopocalypseI’ve been binge-watching a bunch of shows lately, and this week’s cartoon is somewhat related to one of them, which is Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos Documentary. Now this is what you get when you mix great narrative storytelling with sensible hard facts of science and history, kickass special effects and the deep dulcet tones of Dr. Tyson’s voice. He’s what you get if Darth Vader had a kinder disposition. Now back to that scene in Cosmos, when you see the scene of the dead dinos with the sail things at their backs, I used to remember their names, what was it? Not Spinosaurus… but… sorry, I’m gonna go and cheat a while and Google…

*insert hold music here*

Dimetrodon! Dammit, I knew I knew it back from my old Childcraft Encyclopedia days. The dinosaur book I remembered was beige in color. I think… Man, those books were awesome, and excellent in turning me into an overeducated, over-aware but not-so-wealthy individual I am today.

*insert another hold music here*

Went and dug up for an image of those books online over here. I just realized at the awesomeness at the variety of subjects with a good blend of science, creativity, history and culture. I’d raise my own child with that kind of balance and sensibility, but unfortunately, the dang internet along with Wikipedia spoiled us all! Ahhh… the memories.

But with all the bad there’s the good… Like Cosmos! Too bad I wasn’t around to see Carl Sagan’s version of that. I might’ve end up as a biologist, astrophysicist or astronomer, but nope, instead, Malaysia’s rather shite science education spoiled that for me. I remember learning all of what I learned about the human body, animals, cells in those Childcraft books, only for me to re-learn all the terms in Malay language in school. I tried for a while, but my grades sucked, and I had to sacrifice Biology for Art if I’m able to keep up my grades at a manageable level and now that’s my career. Nothing against art, but I just had to mention that to bring up how a small fundamental shift could affect a young soul such as me.

Okay, this is a long one, enough rambling. Just also wanted to give a shoutout to Ryan who sent me a message of encouragement. Thanks! I really appreciate that, and yes, keep it up! Webmasters do read feedback sections too!

Cheers and have a good week. Monday can be awesome if you want it to be! *EDIT!, it’s not Monday anymore as I posted this. That’s what you get with limited internet!


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